"Finnish guitarists have traditionally been active in adding to the repertoire of their instrument. So is Patrik Kleemola, who presents a collection of Finnish and Italian guitar music that has been composed for him in particular. The works were completed in 2006-2011, and they share an emphasis that serves the instrument´s basic characteristics. A great example of that is Kai Nieminen's delicate Riflessioni sul nome Amedeo Modigliani as well as the beautiful CALAU by Francesco Maggio, which rises through a tense swaing to outright joy. Flanky by Mauro Porro offers another kind of expression with its jolly jumping through different styles from impersonal rocking to flamenco, funk and more serene moods.

The title piece, Ada Gentile´s Perchitarrasola is a fitting finalé built from focused flutes and a tight rhythm. Kleemola is an interesting new acquaintance within the new generation of Finnish guitarists. He is in total control of his instrument and weaved with ease in the labyrinths of contemporary music.
", Finnish Music Quarterly 3/2012/Karoliina Vesa

" Excellent Finnish guitarist Patrik Kleemola offers an ideal musical bridge between Italy and Finland on his latest album Perchitarrasola ”, Blog Chitarra e Dintorni/Italy

"The performance of Francesco Maggio´s concerto ECLIPSE by Patrik Kleemola was fabulous, magical and very original", Salogentis (Italy) 7/2011

"Top quality guitar talent" Hannu Ilari-Lampila, Helsingin sanomat (Finland) 11/2004

"Kleemola is one of these musicians who can surprise a listener only with the most pleasant way... Musician with a strong classical culture, devotion to the stylistic dimension of music and the gift of inspired performance on stage.Patrik Kleemola already is a very important guitarist with a strong musical personality combining both freshness and maturity as well as remarkable moral values towards both the music and the audience" Tar-guitar magazine 5/2007(Athens/Greece)

"The versatile and demanding concert program showed the artist´s soulfulness and technical capacity... In the incredible finale the artist dived into the Italian soundscape and left the audience fully satisfied" Nokian Uutiset (Finland) 1/2008